The Label

Coat Rack Records is a brand new record label, embracing the ever-changing face of the creative industries.

We are a female-run, independent and progressive label.


Coat Rack Records UK is solely run by females who have been in the music industry from 2015 onwards. Both Directors understand what it is like to need a safe space when being creative. Unfortunately, both have also experienced music environments totally unsafe for women. From live events to digital marketing, disrespect follows us in this line of work. Everything seems just that little bit harder for women in music - navigating the industry can be confusing and we understand that more than anyone. Any band that can work ethically in music would be making such a difference. We want to help eliminate the distress that can be caused by a toxic music scene by offering a stepping stone for musicians who just want to make good music. Coat Rack is somewhere that holds the music community's best interests at heart. 


Here you can record, mix and market your work whilst knowing everything each step of the way. Complete transparency means our ethos is inclusive as we strive to tackle misogyny in music.

In 2018, Statista showed that the share for producers in the music industry in the United States was dominated by men by 97.7% and women 2.3%




We have additional projects that we run in support of Women In Music!


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