Our services are open to all however, we specialise in female creatives.


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At Coat Rack Records UK, we provide in-house services that are usually outsourced by labels. With trained Marketing Specialists in our team, utilising our own resources proves cost-effective and better for our clients in the long-term. Our independence is an attempt to ensure a quality one-to-one experience when it comes to the marketing and promotion of your music. Working with a small yet experienced team, each campaign will cater to a specific brief that sets a clear objective and plan of attack. Each step is accessible to the artists upon request to elevate communication and maximise potential. 

The services we can provide under our PR & Marketing bundle include;

Price = Budget

  • Strategy and Insight

  • Website Building and Graphic Design

  • Influencer Engagement

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Social Media Marketing and Management 

  • Qualified Journalists for PR Materials

  • Creative Communications 

  • Branding and Creative Direction

  • Music and Event Communications

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum budget of £20

Despite being based in the North East of England, our Marketing and PR campaigns are successfully established on a national scale.  With a broad scope of contacts in major cities - like Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle, London, Liverpool and Leeds, Coat Rack Marketing and PR could be the best fit for any artist, band or track!


Our Marketing & PR services can be sourced independently, away from our additional Production and Management roles. However, if you want to keep your music-making process all in one place, Coat Rack offer a cohesive bundle of all our services combined. Each one is personally adapted by one of us, ensuring we cater to each individual creative's needs. We do not limit our demographic or genre but require a positive work ethic and respect within the workplace.  

The Head of this service at our label is Natalie Greener


"Always looking for experience and freelance work, my skills are in marketing, PR and social media management. Despite a broad portfolio in a variety of industries, I specialise and thrive when working on creative projects. In particular, music and fashion marketing. I stand for mental health awareness and women in the music industry via activism/journalism. I think it’s so important to make our industry safer and empower those around us - I maintain this ethos in all of my work.

I’ve been self-employed since starting university in 2018. From there I’ve built a successful music community based on raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Since the launch of Tits Upon Tyne in 2019, a following has been built via my website that aids aspiring writers and musicians in providing a platform to showcase their work. Along with events and PR campaigns, I am also a freelance journalist. Starting my internship in 2014, I have had works published on my own platforms as well as other established sites. "



Set Fee Marketing Bundle

We shall create and execute a PR and Marketing campaign that is customised to the client, budget and their desired goals.

PRICE: Budget and Project dependent - a minimum of £20

Website Building 


Please note: our basic site plan has a maximum of 4 pages and no eCommerce features. All plans include a year of hosting, the building of the website, customised domain and SEO.

  • BASIC PLAN £200

  • PRO PLAN £300


PR Pick 'n' Mix from our Press Resources

Press Resources include; Strategy and Insight, Graphic Design, Social Media Content, Ad campaign, Press Release, Merch Design, Merch Distribution.