Our services are open to all however, we specialise in female creatives.


At Coat Rack Records UK, we provide in-house services that are usually outsourced by labels. Our management service represents you in business-related matters within the music industry. This can involve numerous tasks, such as making travel arrangements, offering advice about business decisions, and negotiating a record deal. There is no education requirement for this profession however, our team have successful portfolios in music management and have undergone optional training for this industry. 

Possible services we can provide under Management include;

  • Events

  • Admin and Planning

  • One-to-one Guidance and Tutoring for Artists 

  • Merchandise 

  • Financial Support and Funding

  • Music Distribution and Promotion

Each artist is different. Depending on the bundle you chose and product you set to release through us, our management service looks at each case individually and offers a service catered best for you. We have open communication processes with clients to reinforce our need for feedback and further improve our rapport.

Despite being based in the North East of England, Coat Rack Management is not limited to our success established on a national scale. With a broad scope of contacts in major cities - like Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle, London, Liverpool and Leeds, Coat Rack Records UK could be the best fit for any artist, band or track!


Our management services cannot be sourced away from our additional Production and PR roles. This is due to the fact that using our own resources proves more effective for both label and artist, especially if you want to keep your music-making process all in one place. Each process is personally adapted by us, ensuring we cater to each different creative's needs. We do not limit our demographic or genre but require a positive work ethic and respect within the workplace.  

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