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Coat Rack Records is a brand new record label, embracing the ever-changing face of the creative industries. As an independent record label, we strive to support artists with their independent creative vision as well as their impact on the industry. 


As an artist signed to Coat Rack, you'll be working with fresh-faced industry professionals who hold a unique and new perspective for the creative industries. We are lead by a team of adroit creatives who understand that your artistic vision is the pinocle of concern when it comes to signing with a label. We can ensure you that work produced through us will stay true to you and your individuality as an artist. We aim to facilitate you as a creative and fully support you in whatever way that we can.


Coat Rack Records is open to working with artists across a spectrum of different genres to demonstrate our appreciation for music.


We want you to collaborate with us to produce, promote and market your music in a way which is modern to the creative industries and different from what any label has done before.


Produced by Coat Rack Marketing - Natalie Greener


Produced by Coat Rack Marketing - Natalie Greener